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Located in Richmond, Virginia, Grove is a multi-generational and multi-cultural church. At Grove, we strive to live with a Christ-mindset of humility, selflessness, and unity (Phil 2).

Oct 28, 2019

God doesn't just love you he really loves you. Pastor Ben Gutierrez shows us through God's word how he expresses his love for us. 

Oct 21, 2019

Brandon Pickett joins us again and shares Philippians 1: 12-20. We will learn how to have a one track mind for the Lord even in hard times.

Oct 13, 2019

Too many Christians are limping into heaven as defeated saints, when they need to be leaping into heaven as victorious soldiers. I want to share with you how to prepare yourself for battle on a daily basis so that you can win your spiritual war.

Oct 7, 2019

How do we overcome the worry that we face daily? Brandon Pickett joins us and shares Philippians 4: 1-9 on how we should deal with worry and stress.